Heather D'Alessio

Hello and Welcome!

This will be my fourth year at Richfield School and I will be teaching 6th grade Social Studies, 6th grade Science, 6th grade Reading, 7th grade Health, and one section of 6th grade Health.

All About Me: Yes, the rumors are true, I am a Richfield alumni!  I graduated in 2002/2003 and am happy to be back at Richfield as a teacher.  Look for me in the graduation pictures in the front hall of Richfield School!  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with my bachelor's degree in Education and a minor in Science.  I spend much of my time outside of work with my family and friends camping, hiking, kayaking, or skiing.  I also played many sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer and will be coaching volleyball and 7th grade girls basketball at Richfield this year.  

Skyward and Assignment Due Dates:
Skyward is a tool provided to all Richfield families for you to keep track of your student's grades and progress throughout the year.  Here is where I will be posting graded work and updating your student's grade for each of my classes.  Please use this tool to stay updated on your student's success in my class.  Also, please keep in mind that some projects will take longer to grade then others, and that I will do my best to get the grades updated in a timely manner.

As for upcoming assignments and due dates, I require the students be responsible for this.  I require an assignment notebook for each student to fill out and utilize to accomplish homework and assigned tasks in my class.  If a major project or test is announced, I will also communicate this to you via email to the best of my abilities.  Also, many of my rubrics, study guides, and project expectations are shared with each student in their google drive class folder.  If you wish to dig deeper into my curriculum, simply go into your student's google drive.

Course Techbook Information:
My 6
th grade social studies and science classes will be using an online techbook this school year.  This book can be found through the Discovery Education website at www.discoveryeducation.com and can be reached from any computer.  We will be utilizing the Chromebooks to access this techbook throughout the school year, as well as the computer labs.  I am very eager to be able to utilize such great technology resources that Richfield has provided us.

Below is a link that will take you to the discovery education site for the techbook.  Just click on the underlined words.

Link to Discovery Education Techbook is here: Techbook
National History Day: Below is the link for the National History Day website that Mr. Cirillo and myself have created.  Simply click on the words "NHD WEBSITE" to get to the webpage.  On this site you will find all of the handouts that the students received that you can print out from the convenience of your home.  You will also find the expectations and some rubrics for the assignments given throughout the year for this project.  Also, you will find helpful powerpoints to guide you through some of the processes of NHD.

Link to the Website is here: NHD WEBSITE

Important National History Day Information:

The National History Webpage with more in depth information can be found at www.nhd.org

Measurements for the NHD Exhibit Boards are 40 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 6 feet high.

Website Creating Tool/Site: Website Weebly

Noodle Tools for Citations: www.noodletools.com

Local Library online catalogs: Use the Share Catalog

Badgerlink for periodicals and articles: www.badgerlink.net

Classroom Contract Link: Classroom Contract

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
dalessioh@richfield.k12.wi.us or call me at (262) 628.1032 ext 1115.