Consolidation Information

                                    Joint Interim School Board Mission Statement and Members: 

Provide oversight and direction to the integration and unification of the Holy Hill Area School District.

Board elections:
President - Mr. Blair Rogacki
Vice President - Ms. Ellen Duhamel
Treasurer - Mr. Tony Kellicut
Clerk - Ms. Christine VanDerGeest

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Consolidation Resolution

Consolidation information 11/21/17

Consolidation Process Guideline

Consolidation letters:

July Consolidation Update 2017
Official Consolidation Letter 9/15/17

Todays Meet - Consolidation Questions 2
Consolidation Voting Day Materials

February Informational Sessions - February Q&A

               Informational Session

               Information Sessions Round 1 - Questions submitted

Fiscal Consolidation Study - Friess Lake and Richfield School Districts

Consolidation Facilities Release Information 5/2/17