First Class Student
First Class Student
First Class Student

Olivia G. - This week’s First Class Student for music is Olivia G. in Ms. Parish’s 2nd Grade class. She always has a smile on her face and brings joy to music. She comes to class focused, polite and ready to learn! Many times during the past few months she has made and shared important connections in class between what we have been learning in music and what we experience in everyday life. Musically, when we are working on vocal technique, she applies every single thing we do. She is really developing excellent musicianship. Way to go Olivia!

Evan H. - 
Mr. Heinritz’s First class student this week for physical education class is given to Evan H., a second grader in Mrs. Thurin’s class. In gym class, he is a great listener, very respectful, and gives his best effort in every physical activity and sport. His name can be found on the Plat fitness record board for the Pacer test. Evan is a leader because he models great character by showing teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and honesty. Some of his favorite games are: jail, soccer, football, and GaGa Ball! Evan is a gym class hero!

​Ella K. - Mrs. Schneider's First Class Library Student of the week is Ella K. in Mrs. Thurin’s room.   Ella is a very conscientious, thoughtful, and friendly student.  She always brings back her library books on time.  She actively participates in class discussions.   Her favorite book is Cara the Campfire Fairy.  Her favorite subject in school is science. When she grows up she would like to be a horseback riding instructor.   Mrs. Schneider thinks you are a First Class Library student.

​Yusef M. - 
Yusuf M. is the First Class student in Mrs. Carini's 4K class. Yusuf has grown so much since the beginning of the school year. He comes to school happy, full of energy and ready for the day. He follows the routine and loves to talk about his family. He is nice to his classmates and is always polite. He is very determined and works hard at all he does. He loves singing the morning songs and really is observant of his friends and others (teachers/staff/students) in the building. During playtime he can be found playing with dinosaurs and animals.

Calvin O. - 
This week's first class student is Calvin O. in Mrs.Siegman's Kindergarten class. He is hard working and loves to write stories. He is proud of his work and is full of ideas. Calvin is creative and is always listening during classroom discussions. He is kind to all his classmates and includes everyone when he is playing out at recess. When Calvin grows up he wants to be a paleontologist! (How cool is that?) Keep up the GREAT work Calvin!!

​Peyton P. - This week’s First Class Student is Peyton P.! Peyton is a 5K student in Mrs. Klapperich’s class and she is a wonderful Kindergartner. Peyton always has a smile on her face, and a story to tell, when she comes to school. She gets along well with others and is very patient and kind. Peyton has worked really hard to become a terrific reader and she always tries to do her best work when completing projects in class. When Peyton grows up she wants to be a dentist. Way to go Peyton and keep up the fantastic job!

Katie G. - 
This week’s first class student is Katie G. in Mrs. Siem’s 1
 st  grade class!  Katie is having SUCH a great year in first grade!  Katie is a rock star when it comes to working hard, trying her best, and accomplishing great things.  She has been working extra hard in reading and writing this year to do great things for herself!  Katie is kind to others, respectful of adults, and has a GREAT sense of humor!  Katie enjoys being at school, and says that her favorite part of the day is RtI!  At home, Katie loves spending time with her family and dogs, but mostly loves riding on her brand new bike she got for her 7 th  birthday!  Katie is a beautiful girl from the inside out, and displays first class behavior every day!  Way to go, Katie!

​Miah B. - 
Mrs . Rocco’s First Class Student is Miah B.
   I am so thrilled she is in my first grade classroom.  She brightens up the day as soon as she walks in the room.  Her desire to always do her best not only shows in the classroom but also what kind of first grader she is this year.  In class she can be found putting together one of our puzzles, sharing a good book, or helping a friend.  Miah is the first to lend a helping hand to me or her classmates.   She recently became a big sister to brother Luke and was also very instrumental in picking out his name (could it be her love for Star Wars?).  Miah is an absolute joy to teach!  These reasons and more are why I am so excited Miah is our First Class Student!

​Keelyn B. - 
Keelyn B. is our first class student! She has grown so much this year as a 2nd grader! Keelyn comes to school every day with funny things to tell us! She also works very hard in all subject areas, but had worked especially hard in Math this year! Keelyn asks great questions that help the whole class learn more! If a helper is needed in our classroom, Keelyn is always ready to jump in! Keelyn, thank you for working so hard this year! 

​Molly E. - 
Molly E. in Ms. Parish's second grade class is such a special young lady! She brings a unique light to the classroom and has a bright smile that is contagious! Molly works hard to complete her work and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Molly is a role model in the class and is a very helpful student. She is a good friend to others and shows kindness every day. Ms. Parish’s second grade class would not be the same without Molly!

Emmett G. - 
This week’s First Class Student in Ms. Blanco's music class is Emmett G., a kindergartener in Mrs. Klapperich’s class. Emmett seems to love music class. He comes into class focused, polite and ready to learn! During the recent unit on the “String Family” Emmett took his time and carefully and thoughtfully designed and created his “shoebox guitar.” It had so many details. He was ready to play when it was time to start “plucking” and “strumming” along with others. He is a wonderful student to have in music class. He seems to really love to be a “music maker.” Way to Go Emmett!!! 

Carissa W. - The first class student this week is given to Carissa W., a kindergartner in Mr. Heinritz's phy. ed. class. While in gym class, Carissa is a great listener, very respectful, and gives her best effort in every physical activity and sport. She shows great teamwork and sportsmanship. Her name can be found on the Plat fitness record board for the Sit-and-Reach test. Despite being in the youngest grade, Carissa sets a great example for others to follow. She sets a steady pace during the jogging challenge warm-up. Her favorite games are: gaga ball, sharks and minnows, and tag…especially with the FUTP60 foam fingers. It is evident that she enjoys being active in gym class because she leaves the gym in a 4S line: straight, silent, sweaty, and smiling. Keep up the hard work Carissa!

Mackenzie S. - MacKenzie S., in Ms. Siegman's Kindergarten class, is our First Class Student of the week. MacKenzie is an “estudiante excelente” in Ms. Orozco’s Spanish class. MacKenzie is a great listener and always participates well in class activities. She works hard to finish her work in the time allowed, but also does her best work. She loves coloring and doing projects. You can always hear MacKenzie when it is time to sing along with a new Spanish song.  She gets along well with classmates and stays focused.  Way to go MacKenzie! Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Schneider has chosen Mrs. Klapperich's Kindergarten class as this week's First Class Student. The students in her class are Britteny E., Oliver G., Emmett G., Drake H., Brennen M., Avery O., Peyton P., Makenzie S., Steven S., Logan V., and Carissa W. This class is an absolute joy! They are very attentive listeners, ask good questions, and all participate in class discussions. They follow the rules and are very responsible and respectful. They try very hard to bring back all of their library books on time.  Mrs. Schneider thinks you are all First Class Library students.

Jacob S. - This week’s First Class Student is Jacob S., in Mrs. Monacelli`s 4K class! Jacob is a wonderful student who works hard and tries his best on all he does. He helps others at clean up time, even if he didn’t play there and he follows the rules of the class. He enjoys playing in the blocks area and using his imagination. Jacob participates in all that we do and likes to share his ideas at group time. He is smart and enjoys school. Jacob has proven to be a great role model for 4k and will continue to do great things at school.

Way to go Jacob!

Vivienne R. - Vivienne R. is the First Class Student in Mrs. Carini’s 4K class. Vivienne comes each and EVERY day with a smile on her face and ready to learn. She is a great role model to her classmates as she consistently is following the rules of the school and the classroom; being responsible, safe, a friend and respectful. She is always so kind and helpful. At play time she enjoys playing in the Housekeeping area and the Library the best.  No matter what part of the morning it is, Vivienne is always working hard, doing her very best and smiling. Academically, socially and behaviorally she is sparkling!

Logan S. - This week’s First Class Student is Logan S. in Mrs. Siegman’s 5K class. Logan comes to school each day prepared and ready to learn. Logan is polite and kind. He always raises his hand when he has something to share and follows directions the first time they are given. He is hard working, even when assignments are challenging. Logan has many new friends and loves any opportunity he can to be silly with them. Logan is great at making people smile!! WAY TO GO LOGAN!

Oliver G. - This week’s First Class Student is Oliver G.! Oliver is an outstanding student in Mrs. Klapperich’s Kindergarten class. Oliver does a great job participating during calendar time and he tries hard to do 3 star coloring when doing projects. He loves math and enjoys counting past 100! Oliver gets along well with others and is a great friend to all his classmates. Way to go Oliver and keep up the good work!

Mason G. - This week’s first class student is Mason G in Mrs. Siem’s first grade class! Mason has such great enthusiasm each day when he comes to school. He puts his best effort into his school work, and always asks for help when needed! Mason is a great friend to everyone, and an even greater big brother! He is willing to help others at any time! Mason puts a smile on our faces as he makes jokes and laughs about all things silly! Mason’s favorite part of the day is Math because he loves to add numbers--quickly in his head! He is a great rule follower, and gives gentle reminders to those around him when necessary! Mason is a great first grade role model, keep up the great work bud!

Haley V. - Mrs. Rocco’s First class student this month is Haley V. Since the first day of First Grade she has been a role model for students in the classroom. Haley begins each day with a huge smile on her face and a zest for learning. I love the way she never let’s anything stop her when reading a difficult book (even those tricky words). Haley has such a fun personality and her kindness towards others makes her a joy to teach! She can be found on the playground helping out friends or running around with her twin brother Gavin. Haley is also one of our top Class Dojo point earners for doing things in the classroom the Plat Way. Way to go Haley!

Brayden V. - Brayden V. is the First Class Student in Ms. Thurin's 2nd grade classroom. Brayden has been such a great role model in our classroom. He comes to school every day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude! He is a reliable partner and friend to everyone in our classroom. He works hard in all subject areas. Brayden is empathetic and helpful in any situation and he makes us laugh when we all need it! Brayden, thank you for always being Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Productive in our classroom and at our school!

Austin P. - Austin P. in Ms. Parish's 2nd grade class is this week's First Class Student. Austin always comes to school with a positive attitude. He follows classroom procedures and even does so with a smile. Austin puts in his best effort for every subject and it shows in his work. Austin is a great role model, showing others the Plat Panther Way. He is a kind friend and is always willing to help others. Room 116 would not be the same without him!!