Patricia Thoma
      I am entering my 24th year as an educator.  I began my career as an educator in the Richfield School District in 1987.  At that time I was a substitute teacher.  In 1993, I was assigned to the fourth grade classroom.  I taught 4th grade for three years.  In 1997, I became the middle school English teacher. Currently, I teach both literature and English for 6th ,  7th and 8th grade, Public Communications for the 6th graders, and co-teach the 7th grade  Page to Stage class.

I enjoy working with my students outside the classroom as well. Throughout the years, I have coached: basketball, (15 years), volleyball, (9 years),  Forensics,   Student Council, (6 years) and Card Club.    I stay in touch with past Richfield graduates.  We meet after school, or even have dinner together.   I also attend their sporting events during the summer, plus their  high school and college graduations, weddings, children's birthdays, etc.  In fact, I am currently teaching some of my former student's children.   I am that old!

   I have my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a minor in Psychology.   Since my Master's  degree, I have earned more than 36 credits in the areas of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and Readers and Writers Workshop.