Brian Ardellini

This is my 15th year in the district, and I am very excited for another great school year. As the school year progresses, be sure to look for links to new things on all of my webpages.

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As you can tell, we don't like to have any FUN around here!

use Skyward regularly
Skyward is a MANDATORY tool to help keep parents and students well-informed on the progress of a student.

It is expected that all families use this resource regularly!

Skyward assignments are usually updated every couple of days. However, please be patient when some assignments take longer to grade/enter than others.

If you are interested in seeing when tests, some quizzes, and long-term assignments are due, you should check Skyward and the "Homework doc" that is described below. I usually do not post due dates on my webpages, since I put them on Skyward and the HW Doc instead.


 All math assignments are listed on the google spreadsheet that I've shared with each student. I've also included the link below.

 When you are absent, you must check this doc to see what you've missed.

Homework Doc Link

Class Letter Home
This link will give you a copy of the letter that gets sent home on the first day of school.  It is a great resource to remind you about expectations, necessary materials, and other procedures and explanations on things like 'completion points.'

A little about Mr. A:

Aside from teaching here in the Richfield School District, one of my proudest achievements is playing NCAA Div. III soccer at Wisconsin Lutheran College. I continue my love of soccer by working in my 15th year as an assistant coach at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

If there's ever any free time, I love to spend it doing projects around the house, riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing, and most importantly, spending time with family. 

This summer our daughter Ava turned 4.  We spent our summer, going to the zoo, playing at many different playgrounds, spending time with grandparents and great-grandparents, and her new favorite thing to do; going to the museum.
  fishing with dad    



 Mr A   looking for fish
Mr. Ardellini                                               

262-628-1032 ext. 1105

Please email anytime.  Email is typically the best way to contact me, as I will usually respond that same day.  I can also accept phone calls before 8:00am and after 3:30 pm on most days.