Technology - Nathan Mielke and Nate Wegner

Information Technology Mission & Vision Statements

We will improve student achievement through integration of information and technology in core subject areas to prepare students to learn 21st Century Skills.

The Richfield School District will use information and technology to:

  • Differentiate instruction
  • Continue to increase the utilization of project based learning, creative, and innovative ways of learning and online learning into the curriculum to measurably improve student performance and enthusiasm for learning
  • Build confidence and leadership among staff to more effectively deliver instruction
  • Teach students how to access relevant, accurate information and best practices for safe practices and ethical use of the internet
  • Continue to increase the technical skills of Richfield students by ensuring that they are technologically literate by the end of eighth grade

Technology Staff

Nathan Mielke & Nate Wegner

Technology Support Analyst
262-628-1032 ext. 2126


Various Technology Staff
262-628-1032 ext. 2126